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954 839 6770

219 N Federal Highwy, Dania Beach FL, 33004

NOTICE - Covid-19:

Due to recent events, we will only be accepting clients in-person who are wearing face masks. Mrs. Johnson will also of course be wearing a protective face mask.


We would also like to remind our clients that we offer readings by phone and video chat (FaceTime and Google Duo)


Thank you and be safe.

Palm Reading - $20


My most basic reading, it reveals basic information about love and may reveal key dates of your life. This reading can only be done in person.

Please call 954 839 6770 to make an appointment.

Tarot Card Reading
20 card layout- $30
Half-deck layout - $50


The next reading up from a Palm Reading would be the Tarot Card Reading, using a full Rider Waite Tarot Deck, this reading reveals more information about love also goes into business. May reveal key dates of your life.

The more cards you choose to layout, the more information your Tarot Card Reading will reveal. This reading is available in person, and by phone.


Please call 954 839 6770 to make an appointment.


20 Card layout - $30

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Half-Deck Layout - $50

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Crystal Energy Reading - $60


When you and I place our hands on the same Crystal, I will be able pick up and focus on your energy. The crystal acts as a pathway between our energies, and I will be able to see deeply into your aura and look deeper into your life's issues.

This reading is only available in person.


Please call 954 839 6770 to make an appointment.

Psychic Reading -  $80


My most in-depth reading, it reveals names, times, dates, and specific details and information. Covers all areas of life thoroughly, and precisely. This reading includes a combination of crystals, tarot cards, and reading through your aura. If you’re just looking for entertainment, this reading is not for you. This reading is for people who have specific, serious problems and need help. This reading is available by phone and in person.




Please call 954 839 6770 to make an appointment

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Must be 18 years or older. All readings and other personal information is kept private and confidential.

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